Wondering Where to Get Wholesale Milk Supplies? [Cheap Cost]

Looking for wholesale milk supplies for your business? Supplybunny got you covered!

At Supplybunny, we provide a WIDE RANGE of wholesale milk supplies. In addition, these premium milk products are sold in top QUALITY and ready to serve for your convenience! We also provide CHEAP wholesale prices for you and your business!

Here are the top orders that you should add in your list:

On our platform, you can find a variety of milk products from RICH full cream milk to low fat milk with different flavors. They are also packaged in GOOD QUALITY. Most of them can be stored in room temperature and easy to handle!

#1 Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk / Full Cream Milk

Wholesale Price: RM40.80 / 24 packets (250 ml)


#2 Magnolia UHT Full Cream Milk


Wholesale Price: RM5.80 – RM62.40 / 1 L / pack


#3 Nutty Bruce Organic Milk, Almond

Wholesale Price: RM232.00 / 10 packs / carton


#4 Emma & Tom Milk Chocolate – No sugar added

Wholesale Price: RM124.00 / 10 bottles / carton


Interested in these premium milk products? Check us out at Supplybunny to discover more choices and enjoy the CHEAPEST WHOLESALE PRICES! In addition, we also provide free delivery services to you!



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