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1. Tomatoes for your restaurant

Tomatoes are extremely flexible when it comes to cooking, it can be served raw, cooked and even made into sauces. If you are not using tomatoes in your kitchen today, you are definitely missing out because tomatoes do provide a lot of health benefits to us! What are you waiting for?

Supplybunny Wholesale Price: RM5.50 / kg

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2. Looking for some fresh green capsicums?

What is there not to love about capsicum? They are packed with high nutritional value and they make everything look colourful! Capsicums are also a great use to lift up the taste of the dish with a slight spiciness.

You can check out Supplybunny for different types of capsicums from as low as RM9.00 per KG!


3. Need more celery for your restaurant?

Malaysians today are getting more health aware, celery in your dishes are the way to go. They don’t just provide health benefits they also provide lots of flavor in the dishes you make with them. Celery is perfect for salad and it can also be served as a main dish.

Supplybunny Wholesale Price: RM7.50 / kg


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