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GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd

Are you looking for creamy butter, sauces or some related products? Well, you have to check out GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd because they provide a large range of products with LOW WHOLESALE PRICES! As promising as it is, its quality is also set up right. Time to satisfy your customers and stock up your supplies right now!

Popular products from GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd:

#1 ABC Saus Manis

Wholesale Price: RM133.70 / 1 ctn / 24 bottles


#2 ABC Sambal Asli

Wholesale Price: RM138.22 / 1 ctn / 24 bottles


#3 Golden Churn Canned Pure Creamery Butter

Wholesale Price: RM472.80 / 1 ctn / 24 cans


#4 Golden Churn Foiled Wrapped Salted / Unsalted Butter

Wholesale Price: RM730.50 / 1 ctn / 60 blocks


Interested in what you see? Discover more HERE right now!


8:30 AM – 5:15 PM


Klang Valley

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September 15th, 2017 by Janelle

Introducing 4 Chinese sauces for you!

#1 Kam Heong Sauce

Kam Heong sauce is fairly popular among Malaysian dishes, it is one of the most famous chinese sauce out there. You might hear the famous ‘Kam Heong chicken’ or ‘Kam Heong Lala’. Kam Heong translated means ‘golden fragrance’, the instant kam heong sauce provided from supplybunny ENSURE you the authentic Kam Heong fragrance to PUMP UP your dishes!

Supplybunny Wholesale Price: RM19.55 / packet

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#2 Salted Egg Sauce

The famous Chinese sauce that will leave many mouth watering? Well, salted egg sauce might be the PERFECT sauce you are looking for! Salted egg dishes are one of the most famous orders out there today, it will definitely fulfill your taste buds and SATISFY YOUR CRAVINGS!

Supplybunny Wholesale Price: RM19.55 / packet

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#3 Marmite Sauce

Marmite dishes might look thick and sticky but it is PACKED with rich fragrance and flavour! It is an absolute delicacy and a MUST HAVE on your list! It pairs up brilliantly with fried chicken and you will be getting HAPPY FACES when you serve it out.

Supplybunny Wholesale Price: RM20.45 / packet

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#4 Sambal Paste

Looking for a sauce that will spice up your evening? The sambal paste will be the right one FOR YOU! It is famous among Malay cuisine, it goes well with Chinese dishes too! The extremely rich flavours in this Asian spicy sauce really packs the PERFECT combination for spicy food lovers.

Supplybunny Wholesale Price: RM6.09 / packet

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No time to make your own sauces for your restaurant?

You don’t have to spend more time on making your own sauces because Supplybunny provides a LARGE variety of instant sauces for you!


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