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Interested to buy frozen vegetable supplies in bulk? Check out Supplybunny!

At Supplybunny, there is a WIDE RANGE of frozen vegetable supplies for you to choose from! Additionally, these products are of PREMIUM QUALITY and are ready to serve you at your convenience without delivery costs!

Here are some of the top frozen vegetable supplies for you:

Frozen vegetables provide the convenience you and your restaurant need of not needing to order fresh vegetables on a daily or weekly basis. Besides, they contain just as much vitamins and minerals as fresh vegetables.

#1 Frozen Broccoli Floret

These broccoli florets are hand-cut and trimmed at consistent length for reliable portion cost purposes. Get these VITAMIN-PACKED vegetable for you and your restaurant today!

Wholesale Price: RM8.00 / 1 packet / 1kg


#2 Frozen Edamame

Edamame is a common vegetable in Japanese cuisines and can also be a HEALTHY snack alternative. Stock up on these beans to create authentic dishes or simply to consume them on their own!

Wholesale Price: RM6.50 / 1 packet / 500g


#3 Frozen Sweet Corn Cob

Many Western and Asian cuisines use this VERSATILE vegetable which you can boil, grill, steam or stir-fry together with other dishes to add a VIBRANT colour and SWEET taste.

Wholesale Price: RM5.20 / 1 packet / 4 pieces


#4 Frozen Cauliflower

Cooking advice: Soak in room-temperature water for 5 minutes and saute for 2 minutes.

Wholesale Price: RM5.20 / 1 packet / 4 pieces


Like what you see? Check us out now at Supplybunny to get these frozen vegetable supplies! We promise to deliver these items to you in their best conditions!

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