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How Diana still got her order on time when her supplier ran out of stock last minute.

Who is Diana and how did she find Supplybunny.
About a week ago, Diana was looking to buy a carton of SCS Salted Butter for her home bakery business. She bakes and sells cakes online, so naturally, butter is an essential ingredient for her to run her business. So she searched on Google and found Supplybunny. After comparing prices, Diana decided to order from Supplier A. She placed her order, paid for it the next day, and expected it to be delivered to her on Friday that week (As stated in her confirmed quotation).

What happened with her order
Everything was fine until Wednesday. Supplier A calls Diana to tell her that their salted butter is out of stock and suggested her to buy another brand of butter (same type, but more expensive). So in order for Diana to get the butter on Friday, she would have to top up to her payment, wait for the confirmation and god knows if any other issue might occur.

How we helped Diana
Frustrated, Diana called Supplybunny. We quickly looked through our supplier database and found another supplier (Supplier B) selling the same brand of butter. After communicating with Supplier B, we confirmed that the delivery and pricing of the butter is same as what Diana paid for. We quickly helped Diana to place an order and transferred the payment in our system.

On Friday, we followed up with Diana and she was happy that she received the butter on time and told us that she would order from Supplybunny again in the future.


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