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Elite Gourmet sells several varieties of cresses, which is a rather fast-growing, edible herb. On supplybunny, Elite Gourmet supplies 9 types of cresses in total. zoomed_f640e3ca-8e69-484a-a630-a1dcf2b51f8c
Cress Shiso Purple (16 pots per carton)
The unique taste is slightly reminiscent of cumin. Shiso Purple can be used in a variety of dishes and is also extremely decorative. It tastes best when combined with wild mushrooms, cheese, or bouillon. We also recommend combining Shiso Purple with raw fish. Also available: Shiso Green

Affilla cress (Chinese cress)
Cress Affilla (16 pots per carton)

Affilla Cress is characterised by its highly unusual and decorative shape. Affilla Cress is related to the sugar pea, making it a good substitute for peas in recipes. The product’s sweet taste does well in combinations with bitter and tangy dishes. Affilla Cress can be used in hot or cold dishes, or in salads where its pea-like flavour really comes through.

imgresCress Borage (16 pots per carton)

The cress has an unmistakeably clean and refreshing taste, with salty notes reminiscent of oyster. Borage Cress makes an excellent addition to shellfish or lightly cooked and cold smoked fish. We also recommend combining Borage Cress with meat or steak tartare.


Cress Sakura Mix (18 pots per carton)

Cress Sakura Mix is a mix for connoisseurs, combining a number of recognizable and pronounced flavours. The various cress varieties in the Sakura Mix give you plenty of options.

Other than cresses, Elite Gourmet also supplies Blueberries and Strawberries.


Fresh Blueberries – Spain (125gm per pack)


Driscoll Strawberries – USA (500gm per pack)

Do check out ELITE GOURMET for more varieties of their supplies!


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