Want to Stock Up on Pudding Powder Supplies? [Wholesale Price]

Can’t seem to find pudding powder supplies around your area? Supplybunny got you covered!

At Supplybunny we provide a WIDE VARIETY of pudding powder supplies. These pre-packed items are ready to serve at your convenience! In addition, they are in GREAT CONDITION so you have nothing to worry about! We also provide cheap wholesale prices for you and your business, READ ON further!

Here are some of the hot products on our platform:

#1 Carte d’Or Flan Mix – Vanilla

Create delectable desserts easily with CARTE D’OR Vanilla Flavoured Flan Mix that combines the RICHNESS of cream and SWEETNESS of vanilla. It is also quick and simple to prepare, PERFECT for busy kitchens!

Wholesale Price: RM40.00 / 2kg / 1packet


#2 Carte d’Or Pudding – Coconut

An easy-to-use mix that can be used as a base to create your signature desserts. It is also PERFECT for casual use to make simple and DELIGHTFUL desserts therefore get some today and give it a try!

Wholesale Price: RM13.70 / 500g / 1packet


#3 JG Premium Jelly Powder – Coffee

Commercial gelatin mixed with sugar, flavoring, and color for use in making jellied desserts. This jelly powder is simple to use and also bring a GREAT taste. In addition, it is overall a great product that will satisfy your customers!

Wholesale Price: RM29.50 – RM39.50 / 1packet


#4 JG Premium Pudding Powder – Chocolate

They are made with pre-gelatinized starch. Pudding mixes are combined with milk resulting in a SOFT, CREAMY custard-like texture therefore it will be the PERFECT dessert to end every meal!

Wholesale Price: RM29.50 / 1packet


Interested in what you see? Check us out at Supplybunny to get these PREMIUM PRODUCTS right now! Lastly, we ensure you these items will serve you in their best conditions!


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