Searching for Mushroom Supplies in Large Amount? [Low cost + Free delivery]

Are you looking for mushroom supplies in large amount? Check out Supplybunny!

Many cuisines, be it Asian or Western, incorporate mushrooms in their dishes. For that matter, mushrooms come in handy in restaurants and cafes. At Supplybunny, we provide PREMIUM QUALITY mushroom supplies. Furthermore, you get to choose from a WIDE RANGE of mushrooms at LOW wholesale prices, all at your convenience! Interested to find out more? Read on!

Here are some top mushroom orders you should add in your list:

#1 Button Mushroom

Button mushrooms are smaller cultivated white mushrooms that provide many HEALTH BENEFITS to consumers. They taste GREAT when stir-fried along with other ingredients to create a SCRUMPTIOUS dish!

Wholesale Price: RM28.00 / 1 kg


#2 Portobello Mushroom

Similar to button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms taste the BEST when stir-fried. They go PERFECTLY well with Western dishes such as burgers and pastas!

Wholesale Price: RM40.00 / 1 kg


#3 Brown Shimeiji Mushroom

Add this type of Japanese mushroom in your ramen and soups as a HEALTHY ingredient. Talk about a WHOLESOME comfort food!

Wholesale Price: RM3.00 / 1 packet


#4 Shiitake Mushroom

Similar to Shimeiji mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms goes along WELL with soups and ramen! It is an INCREDIBLE ingredient to be used in your restaurant or cafe!

Wholesale Price: RM5.50 / 1 packet / 200g


Like what you see? Check us out now at Supplybunny to get these amazing mushroom supply deals! We promise to deliver them to you in their best conditions!

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