Save up to 20% on your most favourite Fruit pulp, Finger food and Vegetable! (No MOQ & Delivery Charge)

Are you looking for fruit pulps to make marmalades, jelly, drinks or fillings of baked goods? Are you looking for the mixed vegetable to prepare fried rice, pasta, quiche and many more dishes? Are you looking for some finger food to prepare for the coming Ramadhan and Raya festival? Worries no more, in this week’s promo, we’ve got it all! Extra Natural Sdn Bhd is having a promotion on these products. From 15th of May to 21st of May 2017, you can save up to 20% on these products with Supplybunny!

With NO MOQ (Minimum order quantity), you get these items delivered free to your cafe/ restaurant within 3-5 days!

Why should you choose Extra Natural Sdn Bhd?

– All of their products are certified halal by Majlis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), which is certified by JAKIM.

– All their products are quick frozen as soon as we processed them.

-No preservatives, additives nor colouring added.

-All year round supply.

-All of their products are planted on volcanic soil. The best thing about volcanic soil is that there will be a bountiful supply of nutrients for the plants then result in healthy & fruitful yield.

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Durian Paste 1kg/pack (sold per pack)

Now: RM29.80/packet

Cempedak Pulp 1kg/pack (20 packs per carton)

Now: RM352.00/carton

Peeled Banana 1kg/pack (sold per pack)

Now: RM7.20/packet

Premium Mixed Vegetable 1kg/pack (12 packs per carton)

Now: RM64.80/packet

Whole Kernel Sweet Corn 2kg/pack (10 packs per carton)

Now: RM72.00/carton

Banana Fritters 1kg/pack (sold per pack)

Now: RM8.50/packet

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