Save a whole lot of money, time and effort for your cafe, while creating something new!

Instead of ordering boxes of soda supplies for your cafe every month, why not make your own? All you need is your preferred flavors, water, and the ISI Soda Siphon! Simply fill the siphon with cold water, let it do the work for you, and serve!

If you prefer to fizz up ready-made drinks, you can also try ISI Twist & Sparkle! Simply pour your drink into the bottle, twist, and sparkle! How easy is that?

If your cafe serve drinks with whipped toppings, pastries, or desserts, the ISI Cream Profi is best used for the preparation of pure whipped cream, flavored cream and delicious desserts! It yields up to twice the amount of whipped cream in comparison with other whipping methods. The professional cream whipper for coffee shops, ice cream parlors, pastry shops and more!

From 31st October to 6th November, Eciatto Sdn Bhd, the main distributor of ISI equipments in Malaysia, is having a promotion for 3 of their best selling products, which includes the ISI Soda Siphon, Twist & Sparkle, and Cream Profi! During this promotional period, you will also get a box of chargers for FREE with the equipments you purchase!

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