Salted or unsalted butter for your business? [Wholesale Price + Free Delivery]

Not sure which type of butter to get for your business? Let us help you out!

There are plenty of information online answering the question salted or unsalted butter? Well, we gathered some recommendations from experts, bloggers and so on to help you understand what you need to produce the BEST VERSION of your food!


#1 Longer shelf life

Salted butter has a longer shelf life. The salt in the butter works as a preservative therefore extending the shelf life of the butter. In addition, salted butter can last around 5 months while unsalted butter can only last for around 3 months.


Interested in some salted butter? Try out Australian Star Salted Butter!

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#2 Inconsistent saltiness

Salted butter have no standard amount of salt added, it is usually depends on the company or brand itself. If you like to try a new taste with the same dish maybe you can get different type of salted butter.


Another choice? Lurpak Salted Butter Pat

Wholesale Price: RM190.00 / carton / 20 packs


#3 Can affect taste and texture of end result

If you’re baking, unsalted butter is the BEST WAY to go since added salt can alter the chemistry of your recipes, clash with more delicate flavours, or crash into sweetness. But if you only have salted butter on hand, don’t completely give up! Who knows you might come up with a new impromptu AWESOME recipe!


How about some unsalted butter? SCS Unsalted Butter

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