[up to 34% OFF] This Week, 2 promotions: Frozen Ingredients (Vegetables, Berries, Finger Food) & Dairy Products

For this week we’ve got an up to 34% discount on 139 products in total, from 2 suppliers! Products ranging from your favourite dairy items (butter, cream, cheese…), finger food (Frozen Tempura, Frozen Banana Fritters,…), Frozen Fruits (Berries, Peach,…), Frozen Vegetable (Broccoli, Cauliflower,…) & more! It’s the perfect timing to stock up on frozen ingredients for your restaurant and cafe!

Check out products below! – Frozen Ingredients, Dairy & more!

From Extra Natural: 

frozen ingredients: frozen vegetable Frozen Ingredients: frozen fruit & puree Frozen Ingredients: frozen fruit pulp


From BigBox Asia:

Frozen Ingredients: frozen berries Frozen Ingredients: frozen vegetables butter


So check out our products on promotion this week!

And feel free to look at more products here!

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