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Here are some of the best matcha powder supplies for you:

#1 Deone Premium Matcha Powder

Suitable to make hot matcha drink, ice matcha, matcha latte, matcha coffee latte, ice blended, cookies, pastry, cakes and etc

Brand: Deone; Size: 21cm X 13cm X 5cm; Packaging: Craft Zipper Bag; Origin: Malaysia; Storage: Cool, dry place; Shelf Life: 12 – 18 mths

Wholesale Price: RM 29.00 / 300g/pack


#2 Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder

Storage: Ambient

Matcha is whisked with water and consumed entirely. This ensures that Pure Matcha drinkers consume almost ten times more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Wholesale Price: RM 65.00 – RM79.00 / 500g/pack


#3 Genjo Matcha Green Tea Powder

Stoneground premium matcha that leaves a velvety yet intense flavour & lingering aromatic after taste

Matcha powder, green tea powder

Wholesale Price: RM 58.00 / 1 kg/pack


#4 SIgnwin Matcha Pudding Powder

Quick & easy to make, lacto-vegetarian, Just mix well with hot water, chill and ready to serve.

Brand: SIgnwin; Size: 27cm X 23cm X 3cm; Packaging: Foil Bag; Origin: Taiwan; Storage: Cool, dry place; Shelf Life: 12 – 18 mths

Wholesale Price: RM 35.00 / 1kg/pack


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