Looking for Coconut Water Suppliers Around You? [LOW COST]

Finding for the coconut water suppliers in Malaysia? Come check us out, Supplybunny provide a wide variety of products!

At Supplybunny, we provide QUALITY coconut water supplies. These premium items are ready to serve at your convenience! In addition, they are in GREAT CONDITION so you have nothing to worry about! We also provide cheap wholesale prices for you and your business, READ ON further!

Here are some of the top coconut water products on our platform:

#1 Karta Coconut Water – Original

KARTA coconut water is refreshing ready to drink coconut water made with fresh coconut juice with splash of NATURAL FLAVOR. This premium coconut water is packed in GREAT CONDITION so you don’t have to worry them to go bad easily!

Wholesale Price: RM35.50 – RM69.80 / 24 packs (250ml per pack)


#2 Blanc Coco 100% Sparkling Coconut Water

Thai Coco’s 100% Sparkling Coconut Water is not made from concentrate and contains NO PRESERVATIVES, artificial flavors & added sugar, hence you can lean back and rest easy with every DELIGHTFUL gulp!

Wholesale Price: RM102.00 / 12 bottles (275ml per bottle)


#3 Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water – Coco Aloe

Taste Nirvana uses PREMIUM Nam Hom coconuts which literally translates to ‘fragrant water coconut’ and also considered the most delicious and NATURALLY SWEET in the world!

Wholesale Price: RM72.00 / 12 bottles (280ml per bottle)


#4 Pure Coconut Water

Pure Coconut Water brings a RICH and REFRESHING flavor with it. It is made with 100% pure coconut water therefore providing a genuine coconut taste in their drink!

Wholesale Price: RM52.80 / 12 bottles (330ml per bottle)


Interested in what you see? Check us out at Supplybunny to get these PREMIUM PRODUCTS right now! Lastly, we ensure you these items will serve you in their best conditions!


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