Finding for Instant Soup Distributors for Your Restaurants? [Low Cost]

Searching for instant soup distributors around you? Look no further because Supplybunny got you covered!

At Supplybunny we provide a WIDE VARIETY of instant soup supplies. These pre-packed items are ready to serve at your convenience! In addition, they are in GREAT CONDITION so you have nothing to worry about! We also provide cheap wholesale prices for you and your business, READ ON further!

Here are some of the hot products on our platform:

#1 Knorr Professional Cream Soup – Mushroom

One of the best instant soup distributors! Knorr professional cream soup (Mushroom) is made with real mushrooms and HIGH QUALITY ingredients. Therefore delivering a CREAMY and TASTY mushroom soup for you customers! Wait no more and stock up today!

Wholesale Price: RM24.50 / 1kg / 1packet


#2 RTS Cream of Tomato Soup

Our famous, much loved Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup is made to our own SPECIAL recipe. In addition, it is packed with tomatoes to create a DELICIOUS soup that’s bursting with flavour!

Wholesale Price: RM173.90 / 24bottles / 1carton


#3 Heinz Cream of Minestrone Soup

Created with a blend of pasta, selected vegetables and RICH tomatoes, Heinz Minestrone is a delicious soup and also a FAMILY FAVOURITE. Add your own touch and serve with shavings of parmesan cheese and your favourite Italian bread.

Wholesale Price: RM199.60 / 24bottles / 1carton



#4 RTS Cream of Mushroom Soup

We keep to our own special, trusted recipe and a blend of the FINEST INGREDIENTS to make sure Heinz Chicken & Mushroom Soup remains a family favourite therefore PERFECT with warm crusty breads!

Wholesale Price: RM173.90 / 24bottles / 1carton


Interested in what you see? Check us out at Supplybunny to get these PREMIUM PRODUCTS right now! Lastly, we ensure you these items will serve you in their best conditions!


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