Finding for Green Tea Suppliers in Malaysia? [Cheap Wholesale Prices]

Can’t find green tea suppliers for your business? Worry no more, Supplybunny is here for your service!

At Supplybunny we provide a WIDE RANGE of green tea products. These premium products are FRESHLY packed and ready to serve you! In addition, they are HIGH QUALITY and comes in perfect condition! We also provide CHEAP wholesale prices for you and your business!

Here are the most popular products that you should add in your list:

#1 Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha is whisked with water and consumed entirely. This ENSURES that Pure Matcha drinkers consume almost ten times more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibers! Therefore, you will be serving a TASTY and HEALTHY drink for your customers!

Wholesale Price: RM65.00 – RM79.00 / 1packet / 500g


#2 Tarazzu Elegant Matcha Tea

Professional formulated using HIGH QUALITY ingredrents through meticulous procedures. It also has signatures of RICHNESS, SMOOTHNESS and FRESH AROMA with hints of tea tree oil and chlorophyl

Wholesale Price: RM58.00 / 1packet / 1kg


#3 Lipton Clear Green Tea

Lipton Tea Bag Catering Pack is specially made for Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Offices & Airlines. These tea bags also brings a great aroma taste. They are packed in GREAT CONDITION and very convenient for users!

Wholesale Price: RM13.00 / 1box / 50teabags


#4 Lipton Green Tea with Jasmine Tea Bags

The collection helps to create the PERFECT tea experience for every moment, every occasion including in room (tea corner), breakfast, restaurant, cafe, bar, lounge, banquet and other functions!

Wholesale Price: RM11.25 / 1box / 25teabags


Interested in what you see? Check us out at Supplybunny to discover more choices and enjoy the CHEAPEST WHOLESALE PRICES! In addition, we also provide delivery services!

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