Want to Order Large Amount of Frozen Fish Fillets? [Wholesale Prices]

Interested in stocking up frozen fish fillets? Supplybunny is here to provide the best products for you!

At Supplybunny, we provide a WIDE RANGE of frozen fish fillets products. In addition, these frozen fish fillets are sold in top QUALITY and ready to serve for your convenience! We also provide CHEAP wholesale prices for you and your business!

Here are the top orders that you should add in your list:

#1 Frozen Atlantic Salmon Fillet

These frozen atlantic salmon fillets have TENDER flesh that brings a juicy taste to your meal. They are also GREAT for many uses such as grilling, torching, salads and so on!

Wholesale Price: RM90.50 / 1 kg


#2 Frozen Salmon Fillet

The size of this salmon fillet is definitely worth the price. With proper preparation to keep it FRESH and TASTY therefore it is very convenient to handle while keeping it’s freshness!

Wholesale Price: RM61.00 – RM75.00 / 1 kg


#3 Smoked Salmon Presliced Fillet

Rich taste of salmon, smoked to PERFECTION with a tried and tested recipe to preserve the nutritional benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. Smoking is also one of the most ancient and FLAVORFUL food preservation methods, still enjoyed till today.

Wholesale Price: RM90.00 – RM98.00 / 1 kg


#4 Norwegian Atlantic Cod Fillet Skin-on

Atlantic cod is a large, round, deepwater, white-coloured fish characterized by its elongated body. It is prized for producing MEATYTHICK FILLETS which are low in fat and have a long shelf life.

Wholesale Price: RM56.00 / 1 kg


Interested in what you see? Check us out at Supplybunny to discover more choices and enjoy the CHEAPEST WHOLESALE PRICES! In addition, we also provide delivery services!

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