Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might have before ordering from us:

1. How does the payment method work?

– We receive payment via Paypal, Credit Card & Bank Transfer

2. What is MOQ?

– MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity, which is the minimum number of orders required to complete an order.

3. How many days does it take to deliver if I order now?

– Delivery time varies according to different suppliers, but the average delivery time is 3~5 days.

4. What kinds of product can I find on Supplybunny?

– Products featured in Supplybunny ranges from fresh meat/seafood/vegetables/fruits to dried goods, spices/seasonings, and even equipments & cleaning supplies.

5. How to browse for products & suppliers on our platform?

– To view products by categories, browse from the tab on the top left menu bar ; To view suppliers by categories, click on the category thumbnails.

6. Are prices on Supplybunny cheaper than my own supplier’s pricing?

– If you are dealing with the same supplier on our platform, the price will be the same. However, Supplybunny has 1,000 over supplies and signing up new suppliers every week! So you might find a MOQ & pricing that’s more suitable for your demand.

7. Is the quality/freshness of your products guaranteed?

– The quality of products sold by all our suppliers can be determined with our rating system, where buyers can rate our suppliers by Pricing, Delivery, and Quality.

8. Questions about a specific product (Condition,quantity, etc.)?

– Ask us on our online chat at the bottom right of our main page OR email us at!

9. Cannot find the product you’re looking for?

– With a list of supplies you need, you can call us at 03 7866 0729 OR email us at, and we will source it for you!

Other Questions

1. Interested in becoming one of our suppliers?

– Fill-up the form here: , and our friendly business consultant will contact you soon!

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