Looking for Food Condiments Suppliers for Your Events? [Low Cost + Free Delivery]

Want to order food condiments for events and functions? Supplybunny is here for your service!

At Supplybunny we provide a WIDE RANGE of food condiments. These premium products will be PERFECT for your events and functions! In addition, they are HIGH QUALITY and comes in perfect condition! We also provide CHEAP wholesale prices for you and your business!

Here are the top sellers that you should add in your list:

#1 White and Brown Sugar Stick

Used in baking as sweeteners for coffee or tea and in sauce recipes! They are packed in small and light form therefore it is CONVENIENT for customers to use. Customers can order a large amount from Supplybunny and have them delivered to you!

Wholesale Price: RM125.00 (White), RM135.20 (Brown) / carton / 2500 sticks


#2 Non-dairy Creamer Stick

These creamer sticks come small sizes with TOP QUALITY packaging. They are easy to bring around and CONVENIENT to use! In addition, the creamer sticks are PERFECT for beverages to satisfy your customers!

Wholesale Price: RM186.90 / carton / 2500 sticks


#3 Salt Sachet

These mini salt sachets are small and easy to use. They have GOOD QUALITY packaging and is convenient for customers to handle!

Wholesale Price: RM7.90 / carton / 200 packs


#4 Black Pepper Powder

Fine ground, HIGHLY AROMATIC pepper acclaimed for its SUPERB flavour and bite. Pepper has a sharp, hot and biting taste. It’s a warming spice. It is also one of the oldest and important spices in the world.

Wholesale Price: RM54.00 / 1kg / 1 packet


#5 Heinz Chili Sauce Sachet

Heinz® Chili Sauce is a zesty, tomato based condiment used for seafood and as an ingredient to SPICE UP a recipe! They have a HIGH QUALITY packaging and they come in small sizes which is very convenient to handle!

Wholesale Price: RM118.80 / 1 carton / 1000 sachets


#6 Tomato Ketchup Bottle

TASTING GREAT on just about anything, it is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It’s the unmistakable taste of our sun ripened tomatoes, along with our passion and knowledge that gives our recipe its UNIQUE flavour!

Wholesale Price: RM85.70 / 1 carton / 24 bottles


Interested in what you see? Check us out at Supplybunny to discover more choices and enjoy the CHEAPEST WHOLESALE PRICES! In addition, we also provide delivery services!

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