Feature Release: Urgent Orders (Same Day Next Day Delivery)

Needed an urgent delivery of supplies on the same day?

Facing issues with suppliers? unforeseen circumstances? stock/inventory issues? delivery/shipment delays? Cafes & restaurant owners struggle to cope with shortages because it affects business and it affects customers.

Menus and dishes are labelled unavailable for the day. Wait staff and managers have to the deal with the backlash from customers. Overall, a very unpleasant experience

What can be done about it?

Supplybunny now supports “urgent orders” for confirmed same day or next day delivery. A structured approach to providing you last minute solutions to serious problems. Urgent orders incurs a 10% surcharge to compensate suppliers for any last minute changes to their schedules.

Urgent Order Cart

Suppliers on Supplybunny are trained to respond to “urgent orders” differently. Suppliers will receive special notifications via SMS and Email and will respond to you ASAP. As long as payment is received before cut-off time, urgent orders are delivered on the same day. Once cut-off time has passed the order will be delivered on the next day.

For example:
Ali ordered 30KG of Chicken Breast for delivery on Wednesday.
On Wednesday morning, his supplier informs him that he is short of 10KG.
Ali immediately requests for 10KG worth of Chicken Breast on Supplybunny.
Supplybunny responds with a quotation and cut-off time at 2PM.
Ali makes payment by 1PM, with 10% additional surcharge.
The order is delivered to Ali’s cafe by 6PM on the same day.

Urgent Order RFQ

How do I make use of it?

  1. Search or browse for your missing product on www.supplybunny.com
  2. During check-out, please add a tick that you need the order urgently.
  3. The supplier will be notified of your request and respond accordingly.
  4. The surcharge will automatically be added to the quotation and payment details.
  5. Once payment is made (before cut-off time) the order will be delivered on the same day.

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