Feature Release: Sort Products by Popularity, Top Selling, Relevance, Discount %, or Prices!

Did you know that when you search for a product on supplybunny.com, you can sort results according to the conditions you’re looking for?

You may do so by clicking the drop-down button at the left side of your search page, as below:

By clicking the drop-down, you can choose from the following:

Sort by Popularity will show you your searched products based on the total number of views of the products. The product with the highest number of views will appear on top.

Sort by Top Selling will show you your searched products based on the total number of orders made. Products that have the highest number of orders will appear on top.

Sort by Relevance will show results based on the relevance of the words/ phrase you used to search for the product you’re looking for.

Sort by Discount will show you products with discounts, as supplybunny runs 20%~50% discounts on selected products each week! Products with higher discount rates will appear on top.

Sort by Price will allow you to view the products of your search by showing products with the lowest prices on top, or products with the highest prices on top.

Now, you can easily search for the products you’re looking to purchase with the sort feature!

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