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Eciatto has a wide range of coffee, beverages syrups and powders. It includes Caffe Musetti Italian coffee, Eciatto fresh roast coffee bean, Eciatto house blend coffee bean and ice blended powder. They also supply DaVinci sauce and syrup, ingredients for smoothies, instant powder mix and ISI brands such as soda siphon, cream profi, soda and cream chargers (CO2/N2O), which are cleaning & maintenance products and accessories. Besides that, there is also a selection of teas available to choose from.

Some of the products from Eciatto Group Sdn Bhd that Supplybunny supplies include:


1. Eciatto – Mocha Blend 500g/pack RM32

A full bodied coffee beans with hints of chocolate and bitterness with low acidity. Other flavours include Classic Roast Blend, Espresso Roast Fresh Roast Bean, Perfetto Blend Fresh Roast Bean, Java Arabica Blend, Grande Blend, Arabica House Blend, Arabica Urban Blend and they range from RM30-RM35.




2. Davinci Gourmet – Vanilla Syrup 750ml/bottle RM37

A bottle full of the true flavour of slowly cured vanilla which delivers the true fragrance of vanilla. Usage details: Pour 7.5ml of syrup into cup and mix well with Espresso, froth milk and mix well in 7.5oz latte glass.


3. Davinci Gourmet – Toasted Hazelnut Syrup 750ml/bottle RM37

A bottle full of intense and fragrance nuttiness with a toffee notes and sweet praline undertones. Usage details: Pour 7.5ml of syrup into cup and mix well with Espresso, froth milk and mix well in 7.5oz latte glass.


4. Davinci Gourmet – Caramel Syrup RM37

A bottle full of slowly caramelized sugar. Usage details: Pour 7.5ml of syrup into cup and mix well with Espresso, froth milk and mix well in 7.5oz latte glass.


5. Musetti – Miscela 201,1kg/pack RM93

The skillfully selected blend of several Arabicas gives deep taste with light bitterness in combination with almondy aroma, and addition of Robusta gives this coffee perfect creaminess. This coffee is recommended for smokers and cocktail preparation, as well as a good finish of a good dinner.


6. Stash – English Breakfast 20 sachets/box RM38

Founded in 1972, Stash Tea helped pioneer the Specialty Tea Category. Stash Tea is the number 1 Selling Tea Brand in the Pacific Northwest, and a market leader throughout the United States. With over 50 teabag blends and hundreds of loose teas, there is a tea for every taste with Stash Tea. Besides the English Breakfast, there is a range of other flavours such as Wild Raspberry Hibiscus, Lemon Ginger andJasmine Blossom.


7. Davinci Gourmet – Classic Base 1kg/pack RM45

A coffee flavoured powder mix that adds a strong base to any blended applications.


8. Davinci Gourmet – Butterscotch Sauce 2000ml/bottle RM62

Inspired from the hard candy made from butter and brown sugar.


9. ISI Twist and Sparkle (sold per bottle) + 1 box soda chargers (FOC) RM280

Fizz up water, non-alcoholic drink and cocktails. Eciatto also offers the soda siphon (canister), cream profi (canister), soda chargers (sold per box), cream chargers and many more.

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No.27, Jalan 6/118C,

Desa Tun Razak, Cheras,

56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

COVERAGE AREA (3-5 days delivery)

Klang Valley

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