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February 21st, 2020 by Simon Yeoh

Dear Customers,

Supplybunny is pleased to introduce our new Group-Buying!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Group-Buying?
A: Group-Buying allows you to purchase as a community. When the targeted goal is achieved, buyers are able to purchase the product at a lower price.
The more the community purchases, the lower the price it will be!

Q: What will happen if the community did not achieve the goal when the timer countdown to zero?
A: The order you created earlier will be cancelled and you will receive a refund in the form of Supplybunny Credits into your Supplybunny Account.
Supplybunny Credit is a currency that you can use to pay for your orders on our platform.

Q: Can I request for a cash refund instead of credit refund?
A: No, all refunds will be refunded into your Supplybunny Account in the form of Bunny Credit.

Q: When will the order be delivered after I placed an order in the Group-Buying?
A: Your order will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days after the timer countdown to zero. All the orders under Group-Buying will only be concluded when the timer reaches zero, and suppliers will need time to arrange for delivery.

Q: Who is eligible to group-buy from Supplybunny?
A: Anyone can group-buy from Supplybunny, i.e. you can buy as an individual, a restaurant, a cafe, a bakery etc.
You are all welcome to purchase!

Q: When will the Group-Buy Deal end?
A: The Group-Buy Deal will end when the timer countdown to zero.
Hurry before the deal ends!

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April 30th, 2018 by jieyi

If you’re in the F&B industry, we’re pretty sure that you’re aware of the ban on plastic & polystyrene container since September 2017. Most people would probably think that paper packagings are more expensive than polystyrene packagings. Well, you’re most probably right, but is price the only factor you take into consideration?


Why use paper instead of plastic/polystyrene?

Improves your brand image: Paper, or any Eco-friendly packaging creates a good impression of your company as this displays that you care about the environment as well as depicting that you are a responsible company. A recent study discovered that 78% of customers between the ages of 18-72 felt more positive about a product whose packaging was made up of recycled items.

• Expands your customer base: The demand for sustainable eco-friendly products grows everyday according to several global studies. All adults who were born after 1990 prefer to go eco-friendly and sustainability when it comes to making their buying decisions. Going green will attract more customers that will keep on returning depending on your attitude to the environment.

• Success in delivery app partnerships: Plastic materials, ESPECIALLY when it’s heated can release harmful chemicals, and your customers know this too! If you’ve joined delivery apps like Foodpanda, this is how you gain returning customers without even interacting with them!

Biodegradable & Environment Friendly: Don’t focus only on your financial goals but try to meet your environmental goals as well. Paper packaging is better for the environment as it is made of recycled waste material which reduces the consumption of resources.

If this peaked your interest, you should check out our promotion this week because we’re giving you up to 30% off on 22 of our Top Selling Food Packaging SKUs .
That’s 30% cheaper than WHOLESALE price!
From take-away boxes, to paper cups. It’s time to move on and make a change for the better.



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October 12th, 2017 by jieyi

Only for this week, Supplybunny is offering irresistible discounts in conjunction of # MyCyberSALE 2017!  Up to 40% OFF your favourite butter, frozen fruit pulp, fruit puree, frozen vegetables & a whole lot more! And no need to worry about delivery because this week, you just need to purchase a minimum of RM75, and you will get FREE DELIVERY!

Highlights of products on discount!

MyCyberSALE 2017: salted & unsalted butter

mixed vegetables

durian paste

Frozen broccoli

Frozen Strawberries

Sweet potato fries


Now, not only you can shop and save, you can also WIN! Spend a minimum RM50 in a single transaction on, and you’re entitled to a lucky draw!

If you take action right now, you’ll even get a chance to win a 4Days 3Nights Ground Package to Korea for 2 persons worth RM3500.00! 

Read more about the lucky draw here!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the sale HERE!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to order on our platform:

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August 29th, 2017 by jieyi

Looking for HALAL supplies to use in your cafe/restaurant? Here are some recommended for you! This week, we are having a 40% OFF promotion on this widely used brand, TAMEK Fruit Juice, Jam. And not to forget, BAVARIA’s Non-alcoholic beer.

Also, do you serve Mashed Potatoes in your cafe/ restaurant & looking for a way to speed up the preparation process? This is it! And it even tastes as good as homemade!

Products (Halal Supplies) On Promotion This Week:

Knorr Instant Mashed Potato Lipton Tea

Halal Supplies: TAMEK products - Juice, Jam Halal Supplies: Tamek Nectar & Bavaria Non-alcoholic Beer

So check out our products on promotion this week!

And feel free to look at more products here!

Suppliers Featured this week:



Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd (Unilever Food Solutions)
Level 33-35, Menara TM, Jln Pantai Baru, 59200, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


8:30 AM – 6:00 PM


Klang Valley, Pahang



2790, Jalan Changkat Permata, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Klang Valley

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August 14th, 2017 by jieyi

For this week we’ve got an up to 34% discount on 139 products in total, from 2 suppliers! Products ranging from your favourite dairy items (butter, cream, cheese…), finger food (Frozen Tempura, Frozen Banana Fritters,…), Frozen Fruits (Berries, Peach,…), Frozen Vegetable (Broccoli, Cauliflower,…) & more! It’s the perfect timing to stock up on frozen ingredients for your restaurant and cafe!

Check out products below! – Frozen Ingredients, Dairy & more!

From Extra Natural: 

frozen ingredients: frozen vegetable Frozen Ingredients: frozen fruit & puree Frozen Ingredients: frozen fruit pulp


From BigBox Asia:

Frozen Ingredients: frozen berries Frozen Ingredients: frozen vegetables butter


So check out our products on promotion this week!

And feel free to look at more products here!

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August 7th, 2017 by jieyi

Does your cafe restaurant use frozen fruits, finger food & fruit puree in your menu? If yes, we’ve got good news for you! Prepare to enjoy an up to 20% discount with FREE delivery with a minimum order (MOQ) of only RM75! Check out products on sale below:

Frozen Fruits & Fruit Puree

Frozen Fruits & Fruit Puree

Frozen Finger Foodfrozen finger food

View All (28 products)

Other than that, stay updated with our weekly promo by subscribing to our newsletter here!

Finally, check out Extra Natural for all their products on promo this week!


No.5, Jalan Damar SD 15/4B, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Klang Valley

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July 31st, 2017 by jieyi

Do you use any frozen vegetables or frozen fruits in the dishes you serve? Looking for quality frozen vegetables or fruit pulp supplier that will deliver to your cafe or restaurant?

Hence, This week, Extra Natural is introducing a NEW product range for you cafe restaurants out there! On top of that, selected items from up to 20% discount would be up for grabs too!

In addition, with MOQ of ONLY RM75, you do not have to worry about buying at a high MOQ!

Products on sale this week:

frozen vegetables

Enjoy free delivery within 3-5 days!

View Products

frozen fruits

Finally, check out Extra Natural for all their products on promo this week!


No.5, Jalan Damar SD 15/4B, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Klang Valley

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July 24th, 2017 by jieyi

This week we’ve got a total of 97 items ON SALE from up to 30%! Ranging from your beverages, spreads, fruit concentration & purees that comes in a wide selection of flavors for you café restaurateurs to choose from!

In addition to that, MOQ during the promo period is RM100 for free delivery, and RM10 delivery fee will be charged for orders below RM100. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to try out these products before buying in bulk!

Scroll down below to see popular products on promotion!

NBE Concentrated Fruit Concentrate

17 flavours to choose from:

Soursop, Blueberry, Lemon & more!

Buy now

Fruit Puree

18 types to choose from:

Durian, Mango, Dragonfruit & more!

Buy now

Dalcott Fruit Tea

7 flavours to choose from:

Earl Grey, Apple, Lemon & more!

Buy now

Kaya, Chocolate, Peanut, Strawberry & Blueberry Spread

Buy now

Milk Tea Powder

32 Flavours to choose from:

Hazelnut, Almond, Honeydew & more!

Buy now

Maraschino Cherry

Buy now

Check out Leeng Marketing for more products!


No. 7, GF, Jalan Wawasan 3, Taman Sri Merdeka, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.


8:00 AM – 6:30 PM


KL, Selangor

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July 17th, 2017 by jieyi

We’ve got something big in store for you cafe & confectionery bakeries out there! This week we’re having an up to 50% discount on dried fruits & nuts. From prunes, apricot & dried melon, to walnuts, buy more save more with Supplybunny. Also, check out special combos for these products!

Fried Dark Walnut Kernels 8kg/carton (sold per carton) FREE 500g of Dried Melon



Buy now

Combo Package of 3 – Walnuts, Prunes, Apricot 12kg/carton (3 cartons per combo) FREE 3kg of Dried Melon



Buy now

Combo Package of 3 – Walnuts, Prunes, Apricot 4kg/cartons (3 cartons per combo) FREE 500g of Dried Melon



Buy now

Apricot (3 Different Packaging Sizes)

View All

Prunes (3 Different Packaging Sizes)

View All

Fried Dark Walnut Kernels (3 Different Packaging Sizes)

View All

Check out De Agros promotion here!

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July 10th, 2017 by jieyi

This time around we’ve got good news for you cafe restauranteurs! A total of 38 items ranging from your favourite frozen fruits, vegetables, dairy products & beverages would be on sale from up to 38%!

*Campaign period: 10th ~ 16th July
* MOQ: RM150
* Delivery Fee (if does not reach MOQ): RM10.00

Buy now

Buy now

Buy now

Buy now

Check out BigBoxAsia’s promotion here!


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