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March 13th, 2017 by Janelle

What does supplybunny do?

Our mission is simple, we want to help you get all your F&B supplies in one single platform! We are a procurement platform that has connected 2200 restaurants (and counting) to over 4,500 ingredient products, and we want you to be a part of this win-win solution.


1. What are the available modes of payment?

We accept Paypal, Credit Card & Bank Transfer.


2. What is an MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity)?

MOQ refers to the minimum ordering amount required by each of our suppliers in order to be qualified for delivery. Some of our suppliers also accept orders below the MOQ required, while charging a delivery fee.


3. How many days does it take to deliver if I order now?

Delivery time for any orders varies according to suppliers and quanit. The average delivery time is 3~5 days. If you have any urgent order, call us at 03 7866 0729.


4. What kinds of product can I find on Supplybunny?

On Supplybunny we offer over 4,500 ingredient products. This ranges from daily needed fresh ingredients like meat/seafood/vegetables/fruits to dried goods, spices/seasonings.

In addition, we also provide equipments & cleaning supplies. 


5. How to browse for products & suppliers on our platform?

To view products by categories, browse from the tab on the top left menu bar!


6. Are prices on Supplybunny cheaper than the market rate?

Yes. We work closely with our suppliers to provide our users the best price. We currently have over 4,500+ products being offered at WHOLESALE PRICE. Not only do you get the supplier’s price, you get to compare the potential suppliers in terms of what matters most to you. This may come in form of Pricing, Delivery or Quality  


7. Is the quality/freshness of your products guaranteed?

The quality  varies with the suppliers. However, at supplybunny, we have a formulated SUPPLIER RATING system to determine our supplier reliability. Buyers can rate our suppliers by Pricing, Delivery, and Quality.


8. I have questions about a specific product (Condition,quantity, etc.)?

Ask us on our online chat at the bottom right of our main page OR email us at!


9. There is product I wanted but not found on your website. Can I suggest?

We simply want more feedback on the ingredients you would like us to source for you at WHOLESALE price. So call us at 03 7866 0729 OR email us at, and we will source it for you!


Other Questions

1. I’m Interested in becoming one of your suppliers? How do I contact you?

You can contact us via the form here: and our business consultant will follow up with you.


2. How long would you take to reply my RFQ (request for quotation)?

Our customer service team processes the order daily and it usually takes up to one working day for us to reply you.


3. I already have existing suppliers. But I am interested in supplybunny. How?

I’m sure you know how important a reliable supplier is for your restaurant. But do you realize exactly how important it is to have alternatives?

This may sound a little extreme to you, but the ability to have an alternative supplier isn’t a “nice-to-have”. No, it’s not even a “good-to-have”. It’s a MUST-HAVE. That’s right, if your current supplier fails to operate suddenly, your business will be GREATLY affected!  

We suggest you contact our customer service to find out how how we could find you a reliable alternative supplier and you could start off by ordering smaller quantity.

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March 13th, 2017 by Janelle
Over 4,500+ products listed on supplybunny from 200+ suppliers. You can browse for products, order, and make payment online.

How to order?

  1. Start by searching for the products you’re looking for. 
  2. Adding a product to cart. 
  3. Check your cart.
  4. After filling in your contact and delivery details, pressing “Request Quotation” will generate a systematic RFQ process in our system, allowing you to keep track of your product details in quotation format.

           This will also generate both email & sms notifications to all suppliers that you requested a quotation, notifying them about your interest on their products, and for them to reply you with a quotation.

5. How to make payment?

6. Supplybunny Payment Methods

6. A few days later, once your order has arrived, you can proceed to logging into your Supplybunny account to complete the ordering process, and rate the supplier.

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March 13th, 2017 by Janelle

Sbunny Group Sdn Bhd


Reach us here:

(Tel) +603-7866 0729


Our address:

A-2-07 Jalan SS7/13B,
Amanseri, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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January 20th, 2017 by Janelle

Did you know that when you search for a product on, you can sort results according to the conditions you’re looking for?

You may do so by clicking the drop-down button at the left side of your search page, as below:

By clicking the drop-down, you can choose from the following:

Sort by Popularity will show you your searched products based on the total number of views of the products. The product with the highest number of views will appear on top.

Sort by Top Selling will show you your searched products based on the total number of orders made. Products that have the highest number of orders will appear on top.

Sort by Relevance will show results based on the relevance of the words/ phrase you used to search for the product you’re looking for.

Sort by Discount will show you products with discounts, as supplybunny runs 20%~50% discounts on selected products each week! Products with higher discount rates will appear on top.

Sort by Price will allow you to view the products of your search by showing products with the lowest prices on top, or products with the highest prices on top.

Now, you can easily search for the products you’re looking to purchase with the sort feature!

Check out now,

and place your first order!

Don’t know how to order? Here’s how!

Need supplies urgently? Same day deliveries!

Want free Delivery to your doorstep? Take a look here!

Placed an order? What’s next?



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January 13th, 2017 by Janelle

On Supplybunny, we aim to make our ordering process simple and efficient as we want to ensure that errors or difficulties are minimized. You can refer to our previous post of a step-by-step guide on how to order on Supplybunny!

What will happen after a supplier has replied to your RFQ (Request for Quotation)?

Get notified through your provided email / our customer service.

You can view the quotation from 2 different places:

FIRST : Your email – The quotation would look like this.

Breakdown of parts of the quotation:

(a) Quotation Valid Period: Mainly for suppliers with fluctuating prices, a quotation valid period is set by the supplier to indicate that the prices stated in the quotation will remain as stated within the quotation valid period.

(b) Supplier Details: Name, address, and ratings of the supplier you have ordered from.

(c) Your Company Information: The information you’ve given when you signed up with supplybunny.

(d) Delivery Address: The delivery address of your company

(e) Name, quantity and price of products you’ve order

(f) Additional charges may include delivery charge (refer to and Grand Total of the order.

Click Confirm and Pay (Paypal or Credit Card) if you would like to make payment for the order.

Supplybunny supports the following methods of payment:

  • Paypal
  • CreditCards: Visa/MasterCard
  • Bank transfers: Maybank2u / CIMBClicks / RHB / Ambank / Hong Leong Bank / Public Bank to Our Maybank – Sbunny Group Sdn Bhd 512231388566
    If you use bank transfer please send us proof of payment to by clicking “Send Bank Transfer Proof of Payment” below

Or, you can leave a message about the order to the supplier by clicking “Message _supplier name_”


SECOND way to check the quotation sent by suppliersign in to supplybunny


After signing in to the system, click “Your Orders”  at the top bar of the page.

Then, a Quotation, that looks like this, will be shown

** You can also download the quotation.

Two things to take note of in the quotation are:

(a) Quotation valid until – Check when the quotation is valid until. If you do not accept the quotation within the given deadline, the supplier will have to reissue the quotation.

(b) Estimated delivery – this is the number of days it requires for your supplies to be delivered to you. 

Confirm and Pay

After confirming the products and prices in the quotation, click “Confirm and pay …”

Make payment

After clicking “Confirm and pay…”, this page will appear and you may then proceed with your payment either through Paypal or Debit or Credit Card.

With this step by step guide, we hope you will be able to order the supplies you need with much ease.

Do check out what else Supplybunny has to offer!

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December 9th, 2016 by Janelle

On Supplybunny, you can enjoy free delivery to your premises as long as you purchase up to the MOQ (minimum order quantity) of each suppliers.

Each supplier’s MOQ can be seen here: 



But did you know that supplybunny also has a Paid Delivery feature?

On supplybunny, a number of our suppliers can provide delivery service even when your order does not reach their MOQ! Amount of delivery charge varies for different suppliers.

Delivery charge of each suppliers can be seen here:


Some of our suppliers who has paid delivery include: Tip Top Fruits & Groceries, Pikzern Marketing Sdn Bhd, Sauce Empire Marketing Sdn Bhd, and many more!

Browse through Supplybunny for all your restaurant/ cafe needs!

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November 11th, 2016 by Janelle

Did you know that on supplybunny, you can order from multiple suppliers at once?

On supplybunny today, there are 100+ suppliers supplying F&B supplies, ranging from bakery products, vegetables, meats, to coffee beans and sauces. You can place these supplies in one order!

How to order?

  1. Start by searching for the products you’re looking for.screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-11-38-29-am
  2. Select the quantity and add them to “cart” by pressing the “get quotation” button. screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-29-44-pm
  3. After you’ve added all your supplies into your “cart”, it will appear like this:screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-31-25-pm(This shows you the products, suppliers of these products, and the prices of each product)
  4. After filling in your contact and delivery details, pressing “Request Quotation” will generate a systematic RFQ process in our system, allowing you to keep track of your product details in quotation format.

           This will also generate both email & sms notifications to all suppliers that you requested a quotation, notifying them about your interest on their products, and for them to reply you with a quotation.screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-11-01-24-am

You can also choose to “view results as suppliers” for your searched product using the button beside the search bar as follow:


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October 21st, 2016 by Vivian

Needed an urgent delivery of supplies on the same day?

Facing issues with suppliers? unforeseen circumstances? stock/inventory issues? delivery/shipment delays? Cafes & restaurant owners struggle to cope with shortages because it affects business and it affects customers.

Menus and dishes are labelled unavailable for the day. Wait staff and managers have to the deal with the backlash from customers. Overall, a very unpleasant experience

What can be done about it?

Supplybunny now supports “urgent orders” for confirmed same day or next day delivery. A structured approach to providing you last minute solutions to serious problems. Urgent orders incurs a 10% surcharge to compensate suppliers for any last minute changes to their schedules.

Urgent Order Cart

Suppliers on Supplybunny are trained to respond to “urgent orders” differently. Suppliers will receive special notifications via SMS and Email and will respond to you ASAP. As long as payment is received before cut-off time, urgent orders are delivered on the same day. Once cut-off time has passed the order will be delivered on the next day.

For example:
Ali ordered 30KG of Chicken Breast for delivery on Wednesday.
On Wednesday morning, his supplier informs him that he is short of 10KG.
Ali immediately requests for 10KG worth of Chicken Breast on Supplybunny.
Supplybunny responds with a quotation and cut-off time at 2PM.
Ali makes payment by 1PM, with 10% additional surcharge.
The order is delivered to Ali’s cafe by 6PM on the same day.

Urgent Order RFQ

How do I make use of it?

  1. Search or browse for your missing product on
  2. During check-out, please add a tick that you need the order urgently.
  3. The supplier will be notified of your request and respond accordingly.
  4. The surcharge will automatically be added to the quotation and payment details.
  5. Once payment is made (before cut-off time) the order will be delivered on the same day.

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