Big Box Asia by DPO International Sdn Bhd: Up to 30% Cheaper than supermarkets near you!

Specially created to offer consumers a greater variety and convenience of quality food products at the lowest prices, Big Box Asia currently covers categories such as confectionaries, juices, dairies & grocery products!
From 21st to 27th November, Big Box Asia will be having a huge promotion on supplybunny, and nowhere else! Keep scrolling to see more!

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Promo items are as below:


Available in: 20cl/can (sold per can) & 24 cans per carton (sold per carton)

French creamy goodness that can be added into your savory daily meals or sweet desserts. Packaging is practical and easy to use as it comes with a reseal-able cap for better storage. Go ahead and transform your meals into delicious creations!


Available in: 500g/pack & 1KG/pack

Rich in antioxidants!
Add them to breakfast oats, make jam spreads or even blend them into delicious smoothies, these berries are a perfect fit with whipping cream to create eye-catching desserts!


Available in: 1L/pack (sold per pack) & 12packs/carton (sold per carton)

 Other than milkshakes, if you’d like to serve something on the healthier side, Compal fruit juices are the ones you’re looking for!
Upholding strict Portuguese standards, Compal only uses real fruit juice to create nectar, no concentrates involved.

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