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Here are some of the best beef supplies for you:

#1 Australia Frozen Beef Rib Eye

The rich marbling of fat throughout beef rib eyes provide guaranteed flavour and succulence when grilled or roasted. You can be sure that this meat part is set to create an APPETIZING steak dish!

Wholesale Price: RM 58.00 / 1 kg


#2 Australia Frozen Minced Beef

Minced beef is VERSATILE for all types of cooking! You could make meatballs for spaghetti bolognese or stir-fry this meat with other dishes.

Wholesale Price: RM 25.50 / 1 kg / Min order: 10 kg


#3 Australian Frozen Beef Premium Topside

Wholesale Price: RM 42.00 / 1 kg 


#4 Australian Frozen Beef A Striploin Block 4-5kg/block

Wholesale Price: RM 48.00 / 1 kg / Min order: 10 kg


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