Redeem Cash Vouchers, Additional Discounts, Free Delivery, etc. with the new BunnyPoints! [2x Bunny Points with Credit Card]

Dear Customers,

Supplybunny is pleased to announce the launch of our new rewards catalogue. Starting Nov 1st, you now earn points for every recurring purchase made using the Supplybunny Supplier Management System.

• Loyalty points and rewards work for both mobile app and website orders

• Save your credit card on Supplybunny to earn points, earn rewards with 30 days payment terms!

• What kind of Rewards?

> Get discounts on promoted items, get free delivery

> We work with brands and suppliers to develop new recipes and menu items for your cafe/restaurant.

Customers can use the points to redeem rewards in our catalogue. Take a look!

The points system operates as follows (sample only):

Points can be used to redeem rewards:

We designed this system keeping in mind that most of our customers are buying supplies for long term recurring usage, and we wanted to find a way to reward our best customers! Hope you look forward to the launch this Nov 1st.

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October 22nd, 2018 by